Based on banks’ online card acceptance services, SimplePay online payment services offer their own, more flexible and customizable solution.
Thanks to the services, e-businesses can avail not only a smooth and simple connection, but also convenience functions that can affect the number of customers and conducted transactions to the better.




Szolgáltatásunknak köszönhetően az Ön vásárlói a világ bármely pontjáról fizethetnek a webshopjában, függetlenül attól, hogy mely pénzintézet bocsátotta ki a bankkártyát!


*ezen kártyák esetében a kibocsátó bank határozza meg a kártya internetes használatát,

amennyiben engedélyezte, abban az esetben rendszerünk képes elfogadni.
HUF – a kártyaelfogadás HUF-alapú, a vásárló kártyáján HUF-ban törétnik az összeg zárolása- a elszámolást is HUF alapon indítjuk a Kereskedő felé. HUF elfogadás és HUF elszámolás esetén a forgalmi időszakban interneten keresztül történt bankkártyás tranzakciók jutalékkal csökkentett ellenértékét a fizetési napon díjmentesen indítjuk a Kereskedő által megadott bankszámlára.

EUR – a kártyaelfogadás EUR-alapú, a vásárló kártyáján EUR-ban törétnik az összeg zárolása- a elszámolást is EUR alapon indítjuk a Kereskedő felé, abban az esetben is,ha csak HUF számlával rendelkezik a kereskedő.

USD – a kártyaelfogadás USD-alapú, a vásárló kártyáján USD-ban törétnik az összeg zárolása- a elszámolást is USD alapon indítjuk a Kereskedő felé, abban az esetben is, ha csak HUF számlával rendelkezik a kereskedő.

Azon kereskedők, akik számára az OTP Mobil az Elszámolási napon devizában (tehát nem HUF-ban), vagy külföldi pénzintézetnél vezetett bankszámlára teljesít kifizetést, az átutalásra kerülő összeget a kereskedő számlavezető bankja által mindenkor alkalmazott költség (utalási díj) levonását követően kapják meg.

o Recurring payments (One-Click and Recurring)

ker-02 Recurring debit card payment (hereinafter: “Recurring payment”) is a function featured by SimplePay’s debit card support system, meaning that the data entered by the Customer (Card Holder) during registration may be used for future payments, without entering the credit card data again. Recurring payment may be effected without the active participation of the Customer (in such cases, the Customer shall agree to recurring payments) or with the specific consent given for each transaction.
Recurring payments are based on the Customer’s statement on the merchant acceptance point (web shop’s or SimplePay’s platform) of whether or not they intend to avail the recurring payment option. It is important to know that the debit card data are not stored by SimplePay, but, in line with the card association’s rules, by the credit institute performing the authorization.
Important notification: Credit card data are stored in compliance with the rules of the card association. Debit card data are stored during registration in the system of the credit institute performing the authorization. Neither the Merchant, nor SimplePay can access debit card.

Recurring payments are broken down into two types:
One-time consent (Recurring): this type of recurring transaction entails the consent of the Customer, given during the registration, to Merchant’s initiation of future recurring payments and charging of their bank account with pre-determined accounts at pre-determined time intervals.
One-click recurring payment: the Customer has to confirm the recurring transaction on each occasion. Recurring payment is an actual convenience function for Customers, since they do not have to enter their credit card data upon each transaction.


The Customer is notified via the communication channels normally used for debit card payments upon successful transactions.
As “one-time consent” recurring transactions do not require the Customer’s consent for each transaction, SimplePay disclaims all liabilities for Merchant’s fraudulent or erroneous payment transactions. Merchants shall reimburse and hold customers harmless of unauthorized transactions initiated by them.

o Automatic Processing of Wire Transfers

Within the framework of our wire transfer solution, SimplePay comprehensively handles wire transfers from payment to pay-off. When choosing this payment method, customers transfer the purchase amount directly to SimplePay. SimplePay’s staff ensure that the right amount is transferred to the merchant, wherein they handle incomplete or erroneous transactions.
How services work:
– The customer chooses the wire transfer payment option in the merchant’s web shop;
– The merchant’s system transfers the transaction’s data to SimplePay’s system;
– The customer clears his debt via wire transfer, within X days specified by the merchant in advance;
– The paid amount is credited on SimplePay’s bank account, of which the merchants are informed daily.
– Balances are prepared and cleared in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement.

Benefits for merchants:
– Wire transfer transactions show up in the analytic files provided by SimplePay, together with amounts credited via other payment channels;
– All the time, efforts or staff necessary to monitor the transfers can be spared, even refunds are managed by SimplePay;
– Processing of orders can be initiated upon SimplePay’s notification, ensuring that the purchase price of the products or services will actually arrive to the merchant;

SimplePay undertakes within its services to:
– Erroneous or incomplete payments (transferred amount is inaccurate, wrong or no subject line, etc.) will be handled by SimplePay’s staff by contacting the customer to clarify the situation, making merchants’ life easier;
– Balance of the incoming amounts according to the terms and conditions of the agreement;
– Full, partial and mass refunds.

o Two-Step Payment Process

Two-step payment process: upon payment, the given amount will be reserved on the customer’s credit card, but the card will not be charged yet. The merchant has 21 days to charge the card or to release the reserved amount. Using two-step payment processes, merchants close each transaction by their own authorization. During the two-step payment process, complete payment is not occurring, only the reservation of the amount. This means that the amount is reserved on the customer’s account, but the account is not charged at that point. Charging of the card and finalizing the payment will only happen upon the merchant’s authorization.

o Payment via an Individual Link

Merchants can generate individual payment links on their Back Office platform. These links are suitable for making down payments or for payments of customized packages that are not available on the website. This link can be emailed to the customer, who can retrieve the payment page by clicking the link and make the payment.

  • Available in multiple languages: Hungarian, English, German, Italian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish
  • Responsive surface (optimized for mobile use): The surface is responsive, i.e. it is optimized for smartphones and tablets enabling initiation of payment processes anywhere, anytime.
  • White label option: The design of SimplePay’s online payment platform can be fully adjusted to that of the service provider, enhancing the customers’ sense of comfort.
  • Real time monitoring of transactions
  • Effecting refunds via a keystroke
  • Summary reports
  • Generating individual payment links

SimplePay, OTP Mobil Ltd.’s online credit card payment solution works independently from all banks, i.e. merchants do not have to enter into an agreement with OTP Bank.
Financial reports, pay-off periods, invoicing

  • T + 2 pay-off: Pay-off period: daily; Day of sending the report: the day of closing the transaction +2 business days; Triggering day of wire transfers: the day of closing the transaction +2 business days (if the transaction was instructed on a bank holiday, we start it on the following business day)
  • T + 3 pay-off: Pay-off period: daily; Day of sending the report: the day of closing the transaction +3 business days; Triggering day of wire transfers: the day of closing the transaction +3 business days (if the transaction was instructed on a bank holiday, we start it on the following business day)
  • Weekly pay-off: Pay-off period:weekly (Monday-Sunday); Day of sending the report: the Wednesday following the balance period; Triggering day of wire transfers: the Wednesday following the balance period (if the transaction was instructed on a bank holiday, we start it on the following business day)
  • Monthly pay-off: Pay-off period: monthly (from the first day of the month to the last day of the month); Day of sending the report: the 1st business day following the relevant month; Triggering day of wire transfers: the 1st business day following the relevant month (if the transaction was instructed on a bank holiday, we start it on the following business day)
  • Invoicingwe issue our invoices for all merchants monthly, until the 15th day of the following month. OTP Mobil Ltd. issues electronic invoices only.
  • Turnover reports/analyses: reports and analyses analyses sent out on the day the wire transfer is generated in our system and the amount is transferred to the merchant (for weekly ones it will be sent not on Monday, but on Wednesday) Reports and transfer packages are generated at 6:00 AM. This is when the system sends out the reports, while wire transfers to merchants are effected manually, throughout the day. Credit of the transferred amount on the merchant’s account may be delayed until Thursday.

If the pay-off date is on a holiday, SimplePay will affect the wire transfer to merchants on the next business day. This Agreement shall enter into effect upon payment of the Joining fee. SimplePay issues an electronic invoice on the amount of Joining fee credited on SimplePay’s account. Merchant shall transfer Joining fee from the bank account on which it wants the turnover payments to be transferred to.

Monthly Fee: SimplePay charges a monthly fee for the performance of its functions and the use of the Merchants’ Back Office interface, of which it issues an invoice. The amount of the transactions effected in the pay-off period, minus SimplePay’s commission will be transferred to the bank account specified by the Merchant on the Pay-off date.

Payments in EUR: In the absence of a EUR account on Merchant’s side, SimplePay will transfer the EUR amount of the transactions effected in the pay-off period, minus SimplePay’s commission to HUF account specified by the Merchant, in EUR.

Commissions or prices established for services in connection with SimplePay payments are due and payable on the day of activation of the given payment method or services, i.e. when the associated transactions are effected through SimplePay’s system.

  1. 1. Indicative offerIncoming contact information are assigned to a sales representative, who will help you throughout the process of concluding the agreement. We will give you the information of your contact person in the indicative offer.
  2. 2. Documents necessary for entering into the Agreement If you agree to our offer, we will request all data necessary to enter into the agreement on a registration form, e.g. the bank account number you wish to use to receive the proceeds of your sales; your contact information; email addresses for financial reports and automatic confirmation emails. We do not require any bank account agreement to avail our services, neither do we set banking requirements concerning bank choices. This way, if you get a better account package offer and change your bank, you do not have to suspend your payment solution, just inform us about the change, and we will transfer your proceeds to your new bank account. In addition to the form, we will also need a copy of your corporate specimen signature, which you have to scan and send us prior to execution of the agreement. (If you are self-employed, we will request a copy of your ID card.) Based on our company’s internal risk management rules, merchants will be subjected to a due diligence audit, conducted by our customer service. Upon receipt of the information necessary for the execution of the agreement, a fast, 2-3 day due diligence audit is conducted. If our risk management department authorizes the agreement, we will send you the text of the agreement via e-mail.
  3. 3. Sending the Agreementthe Agreement is sent out in a pdf format via email. The Agreement needs to be signed (affix your signature in the signature panel and your initials on every page), and two originals shall be returned to us. (OTP Mobil Ltd. 30-32 Közraktár Street, 1093 Budapest, 8th floor) One copy will be sent back to you, which will be signed by OTP Mobil Ltd. as well.
  4. 4. Technical execution Upon receipt of the Agreement and the Joining fee, we arrange for the technical documentation for implementation, we give you the contact details of our IT support and create a test-account in our SANDBOX test-system. If your website is operating under a rental web shop system, you do not have to develop or test it.
  5. 5. Activation process – with development during the integration of your system, our staff only performs support and test functions, they are not able to perform the full integration. Prior to activation, SimplePay will test all web shops. Tests are conducted concerning payment transactions, the appearance of SimplePay logos and the accessibility of informative material. If the development is ready for testing by SimplePay, you can request this at Testing will be conducted within 1-3 business days from the request. Test results will be sent to you in every case. If SimplePay technical testing were successful, the payment services can be activated on the site. In this case, the live account will be activated within 1-5 business days of the successful tests. An executed agreement is a prerequisite to the activation. Therefore, the planned deadline for the activation of your online payment service can only be ensured if you indicate your readiness for testing 5-8 business days prior to this deadline. If SimplePay tests are successful, the payment solution can be activated on the site. We will notify you about the ability to conduct live transactions upon activation of the live merchant account, which will also include the credentials for accessing the SimplePay Back Office platform.
  6. 6. Live operation A notification email will be sent out about the activation of the merchant’s Back Office account, which will also contain a link to the platform and your login credentials. This online platform serves the purpose of real time monitoring of each merchant’s incoming transactions. If necessary, merchants are able to return transferred amounts or parts thereof any time. The platform also has an analysis- and reporting function. Analyses/reports of the next transfer are also emailed to our partners in csv format. Reports indicate the detailed transactions, with the name of the payer, the date of the transaction, reference number, transaction commission, transferred amount, etc. This way they can easily be merged with the transfers or can be imported into your accounting software. Our existing merchants are provided with a 24/7 customer service, the contact details of which will be indicated in the agreement.