OTP Mobil Ltd. has a wide service portfolio in the field of online- and mobile-shopping. The products are known under the brand name of Simple, offering two main services:

SimplePay online payment solutions

More and more web-shops offer SimplePay’s simple and secure service as a payment option. Customers have the possibility to use SimplePay’s platform to pay for their online purchases, which has lately become the usual payment method for such transactions.

The process of the payment is identical to that of similar services offered by banks: after selecting SimplePay as payment method, by entering debit card data the customer may purchase their products or services. Keeping the security of the cardholder in mind, SimplePay continuously monitors the transactions, guaranteeing security of the online payment process.

Simple Mobile App

Simple mobile app for smartphones is an app developed in Hungary,merging mobile shopping with several other services that make life easier: parking, vignettes, movie tickets, books, taxi, food and even concert-and theatre tickets can be purchased through a single mobile app.
The download is free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets.The app supports all MasterCard, Maestro, VISA and AMEX cards, issued by any bank. Debit card data may be saved to make future purchases faster.

For further information visit SIMPLE APP’s website.
Customer service: 06 1 3666 611,

The two services offered by Simple work independently. Below you will find information about SimplePay Online Payment Solutions and online shopping.


1. By clicking on “Pay” you will be redirected to SimplePay’s payment page, where you can start the transaction by entering your debit card data.

2. After entering your card data, please check whter it is correct.

3. The transaction is processed by the bank’s processing systems.

4. The result of the payment will be emailed to you, and at the same time you will be directed back to the website of the service provider.


Important! For Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the bank of issuance determines the card’s online use. Our system only accepts cards which online use was enabled by the bank issuing the card.


During online payment, after entering the required data during order, the customer will be redirected to SimplePay’s secure payment page, where they enter their card data necessary for the payment. Data entered on the payment page will not be disclosed to the merchant, since SimplePay’s website is fully independent and secure.


About debit card payments
  • Just like traditional POS terminal payments, online payments are free of charge for cardholders.
  • Today, Maestro debit cards are also accepted for online payments. For further details, please contact your bank of issuance.
  • Card associations protect the interests of cardholders, therefore, if you pay with card and the merchant does not perform his end, you are entitled to bring claims by submitting a complaint to your bank and if it is deemed legitimate, the claimed amount will be credited on your account.
  • Cardholders are identified by a three-digit CVV or CVC2 code indicated in the signature panel of the card. (It can be found after the card number or the last four digits of the card number.) Please, treat this code with such diligence as if it were your PIN number.
Security Advice
  • Security can be increased if you avail your bank’s text message service, which entails an immediate notification about bank account activities.
  • Never disclose your four digit PIN used for cash withdrawal or shopping when making online payments, and make sure you never disclose your card number or expiration date to unauthorized persons.
  • Always log out of the website after you have completed the purchase and payment. Especially so, if you use a shared computer. It is highly recommended to conduct online purchases from your own computer and to avoid public internet cafés and hotspots.
  • Be careful when disclosing data via email, as unauthorized requests are increasingly frequent, especially in Western Europe and in the US.
  • If somebody asks for the update of your data, even merchants you conducted transactions with in the past, be extra cautious, as unauthorized persons may act in the name of merchants. If this happens, please contact your merchant on the communication channels you normally use to check the identity of the sender.
  • Be suspicious if you get an offer that is too good to be true or somebody contacts you in connection with the cancellation of an order you never placed.
  • Card associations never contact cardholders directly in email or via phone. If you are contacted via email or phone in order to be informed that unauthorized persons accessed your debit card data, never disclose your data and notify your bank right away.
Online Purchases
  • One advantage of online shopping is you can easily compare prices of similar products, allowing you to choose the best offer in a simple and effective way.
  • Check information regarding the web shop before you order, especially before the first order (since when it has been operating, how reliable it is being held, whether the mandatory general contact details are indicated on the website, e.g. address, phone number).
  • Online merchants incorporate several safety functions in their web shops to protect their customers. Security logos of large credit card companies (e.g. MasterCard SecureCode) or other encodings, for example SSL codes all indicate that the online merchant made the necessary efforts to secure online purchases.
  • „Https” in the URL address and/or a lock icon in the bottom right corner of the page, or a key icon in the bottom left corner indicates encoded communication. You can retrieve the security certifications by clicking on these icons.
  • Always save or print your order, the confirmation of your payment, the data you entered during the payment process and the specifications of the ordered product.
  • It is highly recommended to read the general terms and conditions of the web shop. Should quality problems arise, it helps to know the deadline until you may submit your complaint and to be familiar with the cancellation and refund policy.